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Length: 13'1”

Width: 7'10"

Height: 7'10"

Square Footage: 103 Sq Ft.

Weight: 2800 pounds

Can be craned in or assembled on site

Site electrician required to connect 50 Amp (minimum) electrical service.

Minimum: 4 leveled concrete blocks on compacted ground.

Exterior Materials

- Frame: Titanium magnesium aluminium alloy (Multiple colors available)

- Wall: CEP thermal insulation aluminum film composite board and plate (patented)

- Glass: 6mm + 12a + 6mm hollow double-layer toughened sounds insulation glass

Interior Finishes

- Floor: CEP thermal insulation aluminum film composite plate (patented)

- Lighting: 18W energy-saving LED ceiling / downlight

- Ventilation system included

HVAC: Can be added


Deposit (1 day)

Feasibility (1-2 weeks)

Production (6-8 weeks)

Delivery (3-5 days)

Install (1 day)

Sound Insulation
Ventilation System
Lighting System
Power Supply


Ships from Torrance, CA

Shipping charge is based on how far the set up location is.

Square Footage

Zen Office 01

Backyard Office Studio
The Zen Office 01 is a 103 sq ft., modern modular office that offers Architect-Grade Design and Luxe finishes.
Square Feet


as low as


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