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Interior / Exterior Materials and Finishes:

- Full structural aluminum welded frame

- Wall: Aviation grade carbon fiber composited material panel

- Insulation: PU Insulated walls, roof and floor

‍- Floor: 5mm Stone Plastic Composite Flooring

‍- Glass: 5mm + 15a + 5mm double-layer toughened sounds insulation glass

- Lighting: 18W energy-saving LED ceiling / downlight‍

‍- Prewired electricals: Plug and Play with 10amp extension lead.

- Ventilation system: included‍

‍- Sound Insulation: Grade 10 < 45dB


Electrical: 50amp power

Footings: Concrete Slab or Pier or Block

Placement: Forklift or Crane


Deposit (1 day)

Feasibility (1-2 weeks)

Production (6-8 weeks)

Delivery (3-5 days)

Install (1 day)

Productivity Office Mini
(65 Sq. Ft.)

The Productivity Mini is an amazing office if you’re looking for a quiet and comfortable space to work out of. It is built to fit in small spaces and is packed with features. Install your Productivity Mini as your backyard office pod to create a dedicated home office space. Our office pods are portable so can be reinstalled in various site locations.
Square Feet


as low as

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