Does your property qualify for a backyard office?

We only take consultative calls once you made sure you have a crane company to service your property. So please contact a crane company first to find the company that can help you with craning the unit into your backyard.

  1. Just Google “Crane companies near me” to find out if craning the backyard office into your backyard is doable, some crane companies do not service certain houses due to the difficulty of the street or how far back the office needs to go. The weight and dimension of the Productivity Office is about 3000 lbs and the weight of the Focus Office is 4300 lbs. They will then also provide you the cost if they can service your property.

  2. Requirement needed for the backyard office:

    • Foundation: The placement of the office should be on a leveled ground. Can be on a 4" slab foundation.

    • Electricity: Only 50 amp power is needed, any electrician would be able to help. All interiors electrical are wired already, you just need to pull 50 amp of power into the side of the unit to power the entire unit.

  3. Understand the pricing: Pricing for Productivity Office and Focus Office are both $28,900 plus tax, plus shipping. Shipping to southern california is around $1900, northern california is around $2800. Central US is around $3500, Eastern US is around $4300.
  4. Timeline: Production is about 8-10 weeks from the day deposit is placed, and the deposit of 50% is required to place the order. Shipping takes 5-7 days.

Here are some real production photos of the Productivity Office. And here are some real production photos of the Focus Office.

If you meet all of the above requirements and would like to proceed to order, you can book a call here.

If you have any questions not listed here, please send an email to